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3 min readJul 21, 2021


Warehouse owners with concrete floors are usually happy because concrete floors last for years. But they have one complaint, though.

They say that the top surface of the concrete slowly wears off over time and produces dust. The lime formation on the floor’s surface leads to the wearing off of concrete.

This may apparently seem harmless, but it’s not. Concrete dust, like asbestos dust, is harmful to the respiratory system.

Does that mean you need to replace concrete floors altogether? No. Epoxy floors or epoxy coatings can stop concrete dust permanently. But why do concrete floors become dusty after a few years? Here are a few reasons cited by flooring experts:

* Improper mixing of concrete where slit or clay was in excess quantity than required.

* Insufficient sealing and curing of the surface. Concrete floors require proper sealing and curing with oil, grease, and moisture so that the top surface doesn’t disintegrate.

* Excess use of water during the finishing process where the water rises to the top surface and carries fine particles, thus creating a softer and weaker layer.

These problems take place during installation. And it makes it difficult to control concrete dust later as the floor keeps disintegrating slowly. The only solution to this problem for warehouse owners is epoxy flooring.

Epoxy floors to prevent concrete dust

An epoxy floor coating acts as a protective sealant for your concrete floor. It can become a permanent solution to the dust problem that you face every day. Epoxy floors preserve the top surface of the concrete from traffic by offering additional strength.

This type of coating keeps the concrete safe from the adverse effects of chemical exposure. For example, a regular concrete floor may further break down if it comes in contact with chemicals used by pest control experts or floor cleaning solutions.

Investing in epoxy floor coatings is beneficial in the long run for homeowners as they improve the floor’s durability. Following are a few reasons why epoxy floors are the go-to option to control concrete dust:

1. Reduced friction maintenance

Concrete can absorb staining substances like oil and grease, and chemicals because of its porosity. Epoxy floors provide a low-friction and moisture-impervious surface that makes maintenance child’s play. All you have to do is sweep and mop the surface and not think about concrete dust anymore. In fact, you won’t see oil or grease creating stains on the floor’s surface.

2. Protects the floor from wear and tear

There is no doubt that concrete floors are the toughest. But that doesn’t make them indestructible. Foot traffic eventually takes a toll on the top surface, leading to dust issues. With an epoxy floor coating, the surface can withstand greater wear and tear without showing signs of any damage. The dust will stop coming off once and for all.

3. Better health for your Workers

You may unknowingly inhale concrete dust for months and not realize its consequence. Inhaling concrete dust can result in shortness of breath, dry coughs, and chest pain. And these are not good signs for anyone as they can lead to lung cancer or respiratory diseases. Epoxy floors can stop that from happening.

If you are convinced about epoxy floors and want to prevent concrete dust from creating a ruckus in your warehouse, you can contact us right away. We provide epoxy flooring services throughout Sydney, Australia.

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