When it comes to commercial flooring systems, epoxy is a popular choice for various reasons.

Epoxy flooring is a mixture of resin and hardener-creating a highly durable and visually pleasing installation. Epoxy is installed over concrete, tile, wood, and other types of flooring materials. It binds with the substrate fast, allowing you to continue your operations in no time.

Novalease operations manager Noah Tran says, “Due to the high-value assets and high standards in commercial settings, floor coatings must be able to withstand harsh conditions. Invest in durability instead of having to halt operations for repair and maintenance.”

1. Entrances, Hallways, and Lobbies

Businesses should work hard on making the right impression to increase sales. Installing epoxy floors on your entrances, hallways, and lobbies can give the space a more professional look. You would want potential customers and stakeholders to get an impression that you’re organized.

Aside from being capable of high-volume traffic, you can also modify epoxy floors to fit your brand.

2. Warehouses

Epoxy-coated floors are one of the most robust options in the flooring industry. They can resist various substances, including water, bleach, gasoline, oil, acid, and grease. By coating your floors with this material, you can increase the surface’s load-bearing capacity and impact resistance. It also creates a virtually seamless look-which can impress customers, stakeholders, and inspectors.

3. Hospitals, Restaurants, and Laboratories

Spills can ruin the integrity of the floor. Thankfully, epoxy floors are robust and low-maintenance. Due to its smooth surface, you can easily wipe or mop spilled substances.

Its germ resistance is also beneficial in settings that need to be frequently sanitized, such as hospitals, kitchens, cafeterias, laboratories, and restrooms.

4. In Spaces with High Safety and Environmental Standards

Food processing, electronics, and pharmaceutical facilities have stringent safety and environmental standards. A slight deviation from these standards can compromise the whole business. For example, if even a tiny foreign material is found in canned food, the company might be required to recall the entire batch.

Epoxy’s germ resistance and seamless surface offer a practical solution. Maintenance personnel doesn’t have to worry about microorganisms, dust, and debris hidden in crooks and crannies in epoxy flooring.

It’s also important to know that there are several types of epoxy flooring:

  • Self-leveling epoxy floors
  • Epoxy mortar floors
  • Quartz-filled epoxy floors
  • Anti-static epoxy floors
  • Epoxy-flake floors

Logically, each of these is more compatible for specific applications than others. Hiring an epoxy floor installer with a proven track record can help you get the best out of your investment.

Epoxy Flooring Technologies is the leading provider of quality epoxy flooring in Sydney, New South Wales, and neighboring states. We can provide a comprehensive range of services with our highly-trained technicians, modern equipment, and extensive knowledge of flooring systems. Call us now to discuss your needs.

Originally published at https://epoxyflooringtech.com on October 12, 2021.



epoxy flooring services for * Cafes * Gyms * Restaurants * Industrial Kitchens * Caterings * Day surgery and clinics * https://epoxyflooringtech.com/

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Epoxy Flooring Technologies

epoxy flooring services for * Cafes * Gyms * Restaurants * Industrial Kitchens * Caterings * Day surgery and clinics * https://epoxyflooringtech.com/