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3 min readJul 11, 2021


Having a low-maintenance, yet stylish and reliable floor can bring massive benefits for your commercial space. Among the many flooring options, epoxy floors are the best due to their durability, customizability, and other qualities. However, you might be wondering is it worth investing in epoxy flooring?

Commercial space owner and fast small cash loan provider at Max Cash, Jacob Fowler, remind their clients of the importance of how minute details such as flooring affects business profitability.

In doing business, every tiny detail sends a message. From the choice of paintings on the wall to the lighting on the ceiling to the cracks on the floor, the smallest, most obscure thing can passively change people’s perceptions of your products or service. If clients once encounter a hazard, inconvenience, or anything that rubs them the wrong way, they will remember it. “ affirmed Jacob Fowler.

Having epoxy flooring can be a minor detail that could boost significant advantages for your business. Here are four effective uses of epoxy floorings on your commercial space:

1. Entrances And Lobbies

The first impression counts. Having epoxy floors on your building’s foyer and entrance hall can give you a professional look. Aside from being able to withstand a ton of foot traffic, epoxy floors can also be customized and mixed with paint so you can add color codes to specific areas of the building to guide your customers where to go next.

2. Warehouses And Hallways

Epoxy floors are one of the strongest coatings available in the market. Epoxy-coated floors can resist a wide variety of substances — from exposure to water, oil, gasoline, bleach, and grease. Adding an epoxy coating to your floors can also help protect them from cracks, keeping our warehouses safe from accidents.

3. For Hospitals To Restaurants

Besides being tough and robust, epoxy floors can resist bacteria. Epoxy floors can also be maintained easily, even by just sweeping and mopping. Due to it being germ-resistant and low-maintenance, you can apply it in places that need to be sanitized frequently, from hospitals and cafeterias, including restrooms!

4. Other Spaces That Require The Meeting Of Safety And Environmental Standards

Due to its robust, smooth, and high-performance qualities, epoxy floors are perfect for areas that require strict safety standards. Epoxy floors can add a layer of protection by resisting cracks, and due to their shine, they can increase the brightness of your areas by up to 200%. This factor alone makes it easy to see for you to avoid hazards.

Epoxy Floors Installed By Epoxy Technologies Are Great For Businesses

Due to their numerous positive qualities, epoxy floors can be an exceptional addition to your commercial space. Epoxy floors’ combined strength and beauty can add another level of professionalism and sophistication to your business and improve people’s first impressions.

While applying epoxy coats for your home is easy, doing so for commercial purposes requires the help of professionals.

Epoxy Technologies is a team of professionals who are leaders in the application of high-performance Epoxy resin coatings. We offer a wide variety of seamless, durable, anti-slip, decorative floor coating systems for industrial and commercial use

If you’re looking to make your business space or warehouse floors safer and more beautiful, contact us today!

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