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Epoxy flooring installation may look simple to many. You may even think that doing it yourself. But unless you have plenty of experience in this field, it’s strongly advised to let a professional do it.

Installing epoxy coating without sufficient training or experience can cost you much more than you should pay for professional services. Here’s how you can find the best epoxy flooring services:

Understand Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy is a soft resin that can be used to coat concrete floors. It hardens not long after application, creating sturdy protection for the floor underneath.

There are different types of epoxy coatings, and each is ideal for certain applications. So first, try to find out which coating is popular for your application. By doing this, you can narrow down the choices to specialized contractors.

The research will give you a general understanding of the different epoxy coatings, which you can use to protect your best interest.

Check the Contractor’s License and Insurance

“These are the first thing you should look for in a contractor. Don’t wait for the second meeting or until the paperwork is done-ask it right away. Don’t hesitate to ask for proof. A professional contractor will instantly present these to you. Also, all agreements should be on paper, and make sure you have a copy of everything.”, says Credit Capital business loans consultant Alister Clare.

If the contractor is not licensed or insured, you’ll have to shoulder any damage that happens during or after the installation.

Check their Reputation

If the contractor is compliant with the legal requisites, it’s time to review their reputation. What do previous clients think of their work? Knowing the opinions of previous clients is the best way to tell what you can expect from an epoxy contractor. You might pick up a few shortcomings, but remember that no business is perfect. Try to weigh these shortcomings against the compliments.

Visiting reliable consumer review websites, such as Google My Business and Yellowpages, is also a good idea.

Years of Operations

How long has your potential contractor been in the business of epoxy flooring services? While many new companies are competent, there’s an undeniable benefit from decades of experience. Plus, you’ll find more references.


Make sure that the contractor has expertise on the type of epoxy flooring you need. For example, some have more experience with vapor barrier coatings, while others specialize in anti-static ones. If possible, ask them to show you some of their previous projects.

Inquire About their Process

Although the contractor will handle the entire installation, it’s good to have some background about the process. These include temperature and moisture settings, which are crucial to ensure your epoxy flooring will last.

Finding the best epoxy flooring contractor may seem like a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it. A properly installed epoxy flooring can provide the maximum benefits. For high-quality epoxy flooring services in Sydney, call Epoxy Flooring Technologies!

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